The Heavens are rejoicing

They thank the sun and moon

 They waited for quite awhile

We here think it was WAY too soon.

 The one who through music touched our hearts

For many, young and old, he gave them their start.

 This "favorite" son is now at home

On this earth, in his body - he was just on "loan"

His job on this earth he had completed

Every soul richened, every demon defeated

 In a different form he will continue to teach

His presence and love will be just as sweet.

We'll just have to open our hearts, our ears, our souls

His great story will now need to be "told."

Never ever was there a day he wasn't at work

Showing us all how our God in heaven will look.

 I'd tell my students at the start of the year

"Just one try at workshop - you'll be back,

this much is clear!"

 When first we heard that he was sick

It was very hard for us to fathom it.

 This "constant" man, caring and giving

Had just a little while longer of  "living".

 Planning a party for him was  "cake"!

For Dick, a commitment by ALL was easy to make.

 We would have given that day and a million more

For our dear friend,  fellow musician and mentor

 But let's not forget that without his OK

That benefit, website, donations- in darkness would lay.

I told him it was our turn to give back

He would need help - now we would have HIS back.

He'd just  have to agree and we'd take care of the rest.

I was worried at first until I heard that heartfelt "YES".

 A day filled with music and joy and love

The presence of those who passed was felt from above.

 I'm sure that no one wanted it to end.

For one day, young, old, green, pros - we were ALL friends.

 We were there for one reason and one reason alone

Our dear dear friend soon would be going home

 We needed to do all that we could

To show him we loved him- it HAD to be understood.

 Each of us in our own special way

Had one goal in mind

We needed to Make His Day!

 No coincidence when I met him later that day -

"Come on in, Dick, HURRY, all your buddies are here to play" !

 Conversations we had since that day

Are memories that now in my heart will stay.

 But one conversation will deeply sit

I know that its one I will never forget.

 It occurred right after the benefit day.

I had told him just what we all had felt when we played:

 "All day and night, every note played or sang,

Every musician, every soloist, every single band..

 From deep in our hearts our love so true -

Dick, everything that day was ALL FOR YOU!"

 If ever a doubt, even the smallest bit

That our love through music had done the trick-

 The words he spoke

Put any doubt to rest -

I knew in that instant that we had passed the test!

 Of all he could have said to me.

None would have made it more plain to see.


Were the words he chose to say.


For sending Dick Griffo our way.


K. Ragusa





A Poem For Dick Griffo - 6/12/2012