Dick at 18 on the Drums





Dick, Dot and Uncle Bill





Snow Angle
The Tomorrow Band





The Tic Time Timers





Dick and Wally Schuman






Charlie Fadale. Jack Kulp and Dick Fadale in Buffalo (2010)





Rick, Paul and Dick Fadale in Buffalo





Dick and Dot Fadale in Buffalo (2010)




Dick Fadale






Rick, Paul and Dick





Dick and Dot (2010)





Charlie, Jack and Dick
The Sedates

 Vince Brundo, guitar, Russ Messina, accordion, Tom Rizzo, bass & Dick Fadale, Drums. They were the Tic Time Timers. Worked at the Anchor Bar, Stuyvesant Room, Crystal Beach Boat, Town Tavern in Toronto during 1949 & 1950.





Snow Angel